The Company IREA Ltd was founded at the beginning of 1993. The primary reason was to establish a company for providing engineering services within the regional sphere and to draw on the entrepreneurial and vocational experience and knowledge of local conditions. Over the years 1993- 2007 the company has aimed their effort to carrying out structural investment activities, technical inspection and other related activities. The scope of activities has been recently extended by endowment management of the funds and grants from EU and the state. A number of municipalities, budgetary and allowance organizations as well as entrepreneurial subjects count among our consumers over almost 14 years of our existence. I believe that the confidence you have in our company will not disappoint you and our partnership will be an efficient, high - quality and valuable contribution for all.

I believe that our partnership will be for you an essential efficient contribution and that our company will help you prepare and carry out other structural plans successfully.

Ing. Zdeněk Stojaník
Company representative

Kontakt: Irea s.r.o., Radniční 4, 787 01 Šumperk,   tel.: 604 788 626,   email: irea@irea.cz,   www.irea.cz                     česky     english